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Power over Ethernet

New to Elmdene's power supply range are Power Over Ethernet (PoE) standby devices. These units are capable of providing back-up power that can be used in security, access control and information technology applications.


PoE UltraPod™

A unique PoE powered device that provides 4 hours standby power for PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoC (Power over Coax) CCTV systems.  If the PoE power being provided to the input fails, the battery seamlessly takes over continuing to

provide the 13.8V dc voltage to the device.



Part Number Description


DIN mountable module with battery charging and 12V 3A output. 
POE-ULTRAPOD-B Module with battery charging and 12V 3A output in a tampered metal enclosure capable of housing 1x access control board and 1x 12V 17Ah SLA battery.



  • Powered remotely by:
  1. PoE++ (PoE 802.3bt)
  2. PoE+ (PoE 802.3at)
  3. PoE (PoE 802.3af)
  • Provides up to 3A to the device with an additional 0.5A available for battery charging
  • Offers battery back-up on loss of input PoE power
  • Modular design
  • DIN rail or screw mountable
  • Provides remote fault monitoring outputs:
  1.  PoE Input failure
  2.  Battery Low
  • A range of enclosures are available to suit specific applications (please contact Sales for further information)



Accessories to work in conjunction with the PoE UltraPod™

Part Number


ELM-UPOE-SWITCH-8 8-Port Ultra PoE Ethernet Switch (Max. 380W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ-8 8-Port Ultra PoE Injector Hub (Max. 400W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ-16 16-Port Ultra PoE Injector Hub (Max. 600W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ Single port Ultra PoE Injector (Max. 60W)




4HR-UPS Range™

A new low cost solution for 4 HOURS STANDBY POWER for PoE IP CCTV systems.  100W, 200W and 220W versions available.


  • LED indication (mains present, mains loss, standby mode)
  • Mains Loss - Volt-free fault output
  • Fault - Volt-free fault output
  • Battery Fault - Volt-free output
  • Single IEC C13 220V ac outlet
  • Single IEC C14 mains input (lead provided)
  • 24 hour recharge time
  • Can accommodate 2 x 12V 17Ah batteries (100W version)
  • Floor standing battery enclosure with 3m lead for 2 x 12V 38Ah (200W) or 2 x 12V 65Ah (220W)
  • Temperature compensated battery charging




PoE PowerPod

The Elmdene PoE PowerPod is a unique mains powered PoE power supply that is capable of producing up to 400W of power. 300W is available for PoE devices whilst 100W is provided for 230V ac devices such as an NVR and monitor.
The IP66 rated enclosure can accommodate 2 industry standard 12V 17Ah batteries offering standby power to the data recording devices, ensuring critical data is not compromised on a mains failure. An Ethernet switch and PoE+ Midspans are also provided within the enclosure.
When used in conjunction with Elmdene PoE MiniPod’s the setup provides a fully battery backed PoE system that targets all critical cameras in conjunction with the NVR and monitor, offering approximately 4 hours standby time!
As standard the PowerPod is housed within a steel IP66 rated wall enclosure allowing it to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. A 4U 19” rack mounted option is also available on request.

PoE MiniPod™

The Elmdene PoE MiniPod is a unique PoE+ powered device that can charge a 12V 7Ah battery whilst continuing to provide a PoE compliant output (up to 14W) to the PoE Powered Device (PD). If the PoE power being provided to the input fails, the battery seamlessly takes over continuing to provide PoE to the device for up to 4 hours.
Housed within a steel IP66 rated enclosure it can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Installer friendly RJ45 cable gland connections are provided with the enclosure to offer a simple plug and play solution without the requirement of terminating cat5 connections.
When PoE MiniPod’s are used with the Elmdene 400W PoE PowerPod they can offer a complete PoE power solution for up to 16 PoE cameras including NVR and monitor, providing approximately 4Hr battery standby time for the complete system!


12V PoE Devices

These PoE devices (PoE and PoE+) receive their power remotely from PoE. Due to power being provided from a PoE injector or switch, a mains connection is not required at the installation point. With battery back-up, they are ideal for critical systems that would otherwise be compromised on loss of power. These devices also offer a network connection providing a unique, cost effective solution of power systems out in the field.


Part Number Output Rating Box Size Battery Back Up
POE1210-4P 12V dc at 10W P 1 x 12V dc Li-Po inline UPS
POE1220AC-T 2 x 12V dc at 10W T 2 x 12V dc Li-Po inline UPS
POE1230-C 12V dc at 18W + PoE 802.3af C 1 x 12V dc 7Ah VRLA battery

Datasheets: POE1210-4P    POE1220AC-T    POE1230-C




48V PoE Devices

These are mains powered units producing 48V dc for powering PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) devices such as PoE injectors or switches (dc powered). These use an industry standard 12V dc lead acid battery to provide battery backed 48V dc power.

Part Number  Output Rating Box Size Battery Back Up
POE4820-A 48V dc at 20W A 1 x 12V 7Ah VRLA battery
POE4820-P 48V dc at 20W P 1 x 12V 3.2Ah VRLA battery
POE4848-C 48V dc at 48W C 1 x 12V 17Ah VRLA battery
POE48125-R 48V dc at 125W R

2x x12V 17Ah VRLA battery


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