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Easy Fit CCTV PSU Range

Easy Fit CCTV PSU Range Obsolete Product

12V dc Power Supplies for Analogue CCTV Installations

Designed for analogue CCTV installations that utilise a single cabling method for transmitting video and power, such as:

  • Coax+Power (Siamese or Shotgun cable)
  • Twisted Pair (UTP cabling)

This PSU range also offers the installer a professional & neat termination junction for the video signals between the camera and DVR.

These switchmode power supplies have Individual Glass Fuse or PTC Fuse protection with health LED indication (jumper selectable) and 75 Ohm Video Loop In / Loop Out terminations, available in 4 or 8 channel variants.

For more details on this product range, including part numbers, please refer to the datasheet below or contact us.