As PoE devices become a more critical part of a security system, with added features such as detection analytics, it is vital to have standby power in the event of a mains failure either from a malicious or a natural occurrence. Currently it is common for a PoE installation to have either no provision for standby power or for a standard ‘off the shelf’ inline UPS to be used which may result in no recording or very minimal back up times.

Elmdene have launched two PSU devices: the PoE PowerPod™ and MiniPod™, ideal for working with PoE devices on your security system. When used together they offer an all in one battery backed power solution for the cameras and their recording equipment.


PoE PowerPod™

On an input power failure the 230V ac output and Ethernet switch remain backed up for approximately 4-hours by the PowerPod™, allowing data to be continually recorded, without any losses from critical devices out in the field, which are automatically backed up by PoE MiniPod's, local to the PoE powered devices.


PoE PowerPod-RM™

A 19" 4U rack mount version of the above, offering the same functionality and includes space for the two 12V standby batteries.


PoE MiniPod™

The PoE Minipod™ is a compliant PoE PSU powered by a single PoE+ signal from the PowerPod™, from this single PoE input it charges a 12V 7Ah battery whilst also providing a PoE+ output (up to 14W) to the powered device.


The PoE PowerPod™ and MiniPod™ are available now!

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