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Mains Relay Timer

Mains Relay Timer

240V Mains Switch Unit with Variable Timer

Intended to facilitate the switching of 230V mains equipment e.g. lighting etc, using a low voltage trigger from an Intruder Conrol Panel or similar device. The unit features both Relay and Timer Modes, with the Timer continuously variable between 2-40 minutes (approximately) in this mode.


  • Timer mode
  • Normal Trigger Mode - Relay follows input trigger or resets on expiry of timer
  • Pulse Trigger Mode - Relay only resets on expiry of timer
  • NO/NC Contacts allows the load to be either switched on or off for the timed period
  • Relay Mode
  • Output follows input trigger, no timer function
  • Jumper Selection of Timer or Relay Mode
  • Lid Tamper
  • Model: MRT01
  • Supply: 12V dc
  • Current: 50mA
  • Trigger: 12V dc
  • Switch Load: Maximum 3A @ 240V ac
  • Timer: 2 - 40 minutes
  • Dimensions: 124L x 100W x 45D

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