Custom Designed Enclosures

Elmdene now offers a bespoke OEM enclosure service. Our team our on hand to work with you on implementing a completely individual design for metal enclosures, to meet your needs and specifications.

From concept to production, Elmdene will support at every stage to ensure the enclosure meets the requirements of your product. Whether you need it to suit outdoor or indoor applications, wall-mounted or rack-mounted; our service will provide a solution that will help bring your product to market.

Why choose bespoke?

Designed to your specification

Our specialist design team will develop your enclosure to suit the requirements and application of your product, to any size, colour or shape.

Save money on development costs

Using our bespoke services will save time and money on developing a bespoke enclosure in-house and will free up your internal resources.

If you have a special requirement, please contact us to see how we can work together. This service is subject to MOQs.