98.82% On Time Delivery (Q2 2021)

Elmdene have put in place various processes to improve on delivery and shipment quality of products, even during these challenging times!

Reducing Lead Times

As part of the ongoing work to reduce lead times, Elmdene are currently exceeding targets by stock holding approximately 125 core product lines. By precision forecasting, coupled with analysis of previous usage and trends, Operations teams are armed with the planning data needed to ensure there's sufficient stock, always.

There are ongoing improvements being made to the Warehouse facilities to support the increased stock holding and quick supply of products. One recent project has involved modifications to introduce narrow aisles. This enhancement alone has created space for 100 new pallet locations, in turn providing more space for stock holding.

By working with key processes and to become more Lean, Elmdene continues to become more efficient and improve on lead times.

Quality Performance

Not only are Products delivered quickly, they are also of a high quality. With Product reliability at 99.97% (based on a Product return rate of 0.03%), Elmdene products can be installed with confidence, knowing that they are robust. By working closely with subcontractors and rigid inspections of componentry, as well as monitoring and testing items at all production stages, ensures the expected high-quality standard.

These standards have been confirmed, with over 92% of customers rating Elmdene products for being of High Quality and Value* and scoring 4.6 (out of 5)* on Quality.

Customer Support

As a leading manufacturer of electronic products used for critical Fire and Security systems, Elmdene are committed to providing first-class Customer Support. In a recent Customer survey Elmdene was rated 4.5 (out of 5)* for customer support. Having teams on hand to help, for assistance with any Elmdene products, over 90% of enquiries are solved upon first contact!

"Our aim is simple: to provide customers with high quality and innovative products backed by first class and ongoing support, whenever our customers need it."

*2020 Full Customer Survey

Elmdene Service Infographic