Switching on to the benefits of Elmdene switch mode power supplies

At Elmdene International Limited we know it's important to have a strong, on-going commitment to 'green' technologies especially given soaring energy costs and the current tough economic conditions. In recent times, we have seen a major upsurge in interest in environmentally friendly switch mode Power Supply Units (PSUs) over more traditional linear options from end users such as facilities managers seeking a good return on their investment. This is being reinforced by a compelling commercial and practical argument for more energy efficient systems whose electricity costs can in some cases be nearly half that of the conventional alternatives.

Being 'Green', Saving Money

The economic argument, triggered by rocketing energy costs, and the encouragement of organisations to actively seek out 'green' solutions to minimise their carbon footprints means that now more than ever, companies are scrutinising all aspects of their operations. Of particular interest are those areas where, if something is left unchanged it is likely to have a detrimental impact on the bottom line. And this is where Elmdene switch mode power supplies come in.

Switch Mode Products - the Benefits

The advantages of switch mode technology in operation are starkly illustrated when the efficiency of linear power supplies, typically 50-55 per cent, is contrasted with that of the latest switch mode models which can reach anywhere between 80-87 per cent. This is a significant difference and one that is going to save your customers' money by reducing their power bills.

Another key benefit offered by Elmdene's switch mode power supplies is that they tend to offer enhanced reliability and longer life in the field as they build-up less heat. As a result, this mitigates the risk of unexpected and potentially costly system failures—a key consideration for any user.

The products are also less likely to generate interference with other devices and therefore widen installation options on site and minimise any conflict with non-security or fire operations.

What Elmdene Can Offer

At Elmdene, we are continually introducing new switch mode power products and expanding our existing ranges. We have recently introduced four new low-profile power supplies to the Vision 12V CCTV ranges, while a new 24V switch mode range will be released shortly.

The imperative to come up with more efficient, sustainable systems from an energy standpoint has certainly fuelled demand for switch mode power supplies. As awareness grows of the operational and cost of ownership benefits that the transition from linear to switch mode options delivers the take-up of 'green' power technology is likely to accelerate.

So remember: think 'green', think Elmdene power supplies!

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