For individual product datasheets, certificates, or selector tools please refer to the respective product web pages or visit Documents & Resources.

Elmdene Toolkit

  1. Product Selectors

    Download our Power Supply Product Selectors to choose the right power solution for the application and installation.

    For more information visit our Power Supply Selector page.

  2. Calculators

    Download our Calculators utility to help determine battery size, volt drop, minimum cable size, etc.

  1. Technical Guide for Installation and Service Engineers

    This manual provides a wealth of information on virtually all our products for Installation and Service Engineers, with instructions on connecting Sounders, Internal and External, Magnetic Contacts, PA Buttons, Safe Limpets etc.

    There are also details of Key Points for each product covered and assistance with fault finding and testing in addition to some useful appendicies, one of which provides detailed information on Siren Ring Line Monitoring.

    This PDF document can be printed, will run on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone, making it convenient for Engineers to keep with them and now also features hyperlink navigation so you can get to the information you want quickly and easily.