OK, standby power is not the sexiest of subjects, but it is an important one.

Those of us in the Fire and Security sectors are in the “WHAT IF” business.

The systems we put in place are for “IF” a fire was to break out in an occupied building or “IF” someone tries to gain unlawful access to a building.  Elmdene’s products support systems which are not installed because there will be an incident but because there might be – and if it does, these systems must perform as intended.

A power outage – as rare as it may be in some areas of the UK – can happen.  Whether it’s from natural causes such as the latest winter storm or a human error during construction activities or more importantly from a malicious attack – Power to Access Control, Fire, CCTV and Intruder systems must be ready.

It is important also to consider future-proofing systems, for example, as EV’s become more affordable, the drive to adopt increases.  “WHAT IF” 30% of the UK population got an EV tomorrow, would this put additional strain on-grid capacity causing power outages? (it’s not likely, but it’s possible), or “WHAT IF” your WiFi goes down, how much disruption would be caused? – more importantly, imagine what happens if you lose your WiFi at home and the chaos that would bring!!!

Standby power should be a consideration.

At Elmdene our in-house design team have designed our power supplies to last.  All our products are fully rated to 40°C and we provide additional charging current as well.  Every power supply we manufacture is put through rigorous quality checks, including full-load soak testing to ensure it meets expected standards.  We know how important a power supply is to the reliability of a system, so our long-term hot-soak facility which houses all our product families at over 40°C, is continually monitored to obtain reliability data from products, some of which have been running for over 10 years at full-load.  This feeds our continuous drive to provide reliable cost-effective power. 

Our specialist knowledge in power supply design and industry standards, have been supporting the fire and security industry for over 55 years and we are always here to help, so please reach out to our team or for more information on Elmdene click here to see our line of high-quality products.

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