All models include a mains fail relay output and an independent ancillary relay that can be used for applications such as a ‘Fire’ door release relay. There are two enclosures available to house either 12V 7Ah or 17Ah batteries. The products use energy efficient switch mode technology and therefore have a universal mains supply input (90—264V ac).

On installation the units can be setup to provide either 13.8V or 27.6V dc by a simple PCB selection switch. They are available in three power variants with multi-fused output models if required.

Three power variants available are:

  • 13.8V dc 8A / 27.6V dc 4A
  • 13.8V dc 6A / 27.6V dc 3A
  • 13.8V dc 4A / 27.6V dc 2A

All with full rated current to load and featuring a fully regulated output with low ripple and noise. Unboxed, module only versions are also available. 

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