PoE Injectors and UPoE Injectors

ELM-POE-INJ - 802.3af, 1 channel
ELM-POE+INJ - 802.3at/af, 1 channel
ELM-UPOE-SWITCH-8 - 8-Port Ultra PoE Ethernet Switch (Max 380W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ-8 - 8-Port Ultra PoE Injector Hub (Max 400W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ-16 - 16-Port Ultra PoE Injector Hub (Max 600W)
ELM-UPOE-INJ - Single port Ultra PoE Injector (Max 60W)

For more details on this product range, including part numbers, please refer to the datasheet below or contact us.