PSU + Battery Bundles Power Supplies conveniently supplied with Batteries

PSU + Battery Bundles Coming Soon

Power Supplies conveniently supplied with Batteries

A brand-new product grouping for Elmdene, which will have several benefits for installations, to ultimately save time and ensure fire and security systems are robust with the correct power and battery requirements.

Not only do these new bundles supply reliable battery-backed up standby power, they’re supplied neatly within one carton, to save on packaging and reduce unboxing time.

Elmdene have worked with PowerSonic Battery Solutions on these new bundles, to provide convenience for Fire and Security installations.

The PSUs available as part of a bundle include:

  • 24V EN54-4 Fire PSUs
  • 12V Security General Purpose PSUs
  • 24V Security General Purpose PSUs


For more details on this product range, including part numbers, please refer to the datasheet below or contact us.

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