Elmdene International Limited is committed to customer support. We have the confidence in our products and therefore give a warranty between 3-5 years.*

Continually exploring how we can improve our service, our aim is to make doing business with Elmdene as easy as possible. We do this by talking to our customers, listening carefully to them and taking action. You can always rely on Elmdene's service. Whether you choose to speak with one of our office staff or meet one of our external Sales teams, you are assisted in the same friendly and professional manner.

Advances in telecommunications and the Internet offer more choice in how we do business today. Elmdene has embraced these exciting developments to provide new and enhanced levels of service to its customers. The Internet allows our customers to choose from a menu of products and support services, and obtain these on-line. Elmdene will continue to set the standards for others to follow.

*Product dependent. Please check individual product specifications for warranty details.