Universal Enclosure

Universal Enclosure Range

The New Universal Enclosure range from Elmdene

We identified a need for a Universal Enclosure that could keep up with the ever-growing range of third-party devices. We set out to create something unique - a universally compatible enclosure explicitly tailored for General Application solutions. The result?

The NEW Elmdene Universal Enclosure Range

This new Universal Enclosure range from Elmdene will simplify and streamline the selection process thanks to its unique design. When choosing a PSU enclosure, there is often a worry as to what will fit a specific brand of module, communicator, and control board. This is no longer an issue.

The new range of Universal Enclosures is unique; offering more installation flexibility and compatibility than any other:

  • They are compatible with any third-party device, including control boards, communicators and modules, so no more wasted time searching through different enclosures to find one compatible with your or your client's choice of device.
  • They are fitted with a tamper device.
  • They are easy to install without drilling holes; its supplied with all the fixings.
  • The Universal Enclosure comes in medium and large sizes to suit any installation requirements.

The Universal Enclosure Range was designed to solve compatibility issues and ensure enough space to allow for good airflow, keeping housed electronic devices cool, thus creating greater efficiency.

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For more details on this product range, including part numbers, please refer to the datasheet below or contact us.

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